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How Much Homework Is Enough? Depends Who You Ask - Education Week

Author and speaker Sir Ken Robinson considers the role of homework in the academic lives of children—an issue that is still up for debate....

Principals Warm Up to Computer Science, Despite Obstacles - Education Week

High school leaders in smaller districts are most enthusiastic about the trend, a new survey by the Education Week Research Center found. But staffing challenges persist....

Technology Counts 2018 - Education Week

This year’s report takes a hard look at what principals are thinking and doing about some of the most vexing technology issues in their schools....

Why Principals Are Embracing Personalized Learning - Education Week

Most principals support the movement to personalize instruction, according to an Education Week Research Center survey. But they remain concerned about overuse of ed tech....

What to Do About a Generation of 'Lost Einsteins' - Education Week

Creativity is too often the domain of the elite. Schools can help, write composer Anthony Brandt and neuroscientist David Eagleman....

How Being the 'Worst' Transformed My Teaching - Education Week

When helping students who struggle in the classroom, teachers should dig into their own memories of what it’s like to fail, writes educator Ryan Sprott....

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