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Scrapbooking has the a great selection of school Supplies from some of the top stores on the Internet! School Supplies, Painting, Brushes, Drawing, Ceramics, Canvas, Paper/Board, Books/Media, Kids, Adhesives, Scrapbooking, and much more!

Civics Education - Education Week

Yes, schools can influence students later civic engagement, finds a new study....

Sex Education - Education Week

States vary widely on sex education, and few address issues of consent or sexual assault, according to a new policy report by the Center for American Progress think tank....

Spotlight on Social-Emotional Learning 2018 - Education Week

While barriers remain, educators are forging paths towards implementing social-emotional learning in all schools. In this Spotlight, learn how schools are responding to students developmental needs, the challenges to carrying out SEL, and how to find time for social-emotional learning in the classroom....

Spotlight on Student Motivation - Education Week

Educators work tirelessly to keep all students engaged and motivated, both in and out of the classroom. In this Spotlight, discover the links between work students find meaningful and their levels of motivation in the classroom, and see what teachers can learn from disengagement on tests....

Four Ways to Put Civics Education Front and Center for Elementary Students - Education Week

Teachers have a responsibility to give students the strategies and resources to actively engage with their communities, writes elementary teacher Gail Sider....

Museums Are Dabbling in Teacher Training, and the Results Are Promising - Education Week

A New York City effort aimed at preparing teachers to take learning outside the classroom and into the community may be leading to improvements in science achievement and teacher retention, according to some study results....