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10 Tips for a Smooth School Year for Students With ADHD - Education Week

Students diagnosed with ADHD come back to the classroom in varying states of readiness for learning, says Thomas Armstrong. Heres how to help them focus, engage, deal with stress, and have a successful year....

Four Things to Visualize as You Set Up Your Classroom for the First Day of School - Education Week

The first day back can be anxiety-inducing for teachers, Justin Minkel writes. Transform the nerves into excitement by making sure the classroom is ready for students....

Learning in Motion: Bring Movement Back to the Classroom - Education Week

Physical activity is an important aspect of childrenís development, writes Marwa Abdelbary. Teachers should incorporate movement in the classroom to strengthen their studentsí cognitive skills and physical health....

For School Improvement, Demographics Arenít Destiny - Education Week

Many good schools are just skating by on their students privileged backgrounds and family resources, writes Karin Chenoweth....

Five Myths About Transgender Students Educators Need to Unlearn - Education Week

While many schools donít discuss LGBT issues, teachers should play a role in shaping studentsí understandings of their gender identity, writes Laura Erickson-Schroth....

Looking Back on 30 Years of Teaching: What Have I Learned? - Education Week

Teaching has changed significantly in the past three decades, but some elements have stayed the same, veteran teacher Cindi Rigsbee writes....

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  • Acco Magnetic Bulldog Clips

    Acco Magnetic Bulldog Clips
    These clips hold like a bulldog and won't let go! The strong spring mechanism in this metal clip holds up to 7/8 of larger, heavier documents in its wide jaws. ...(more)

    $2.03 More Details
  • Acco Binder Clips

    Acco Binder Clips
    The efficient triangular design of these clips offers a powerful grip, yet releases easily. The removable handles fold down to simplify filing and storage, or k...(more)

    $2.96 More Details
  • Stikki Clips

    Stikki Clips
    Strong white plastic clips with a dependable Stikki-Wax back that will cling to most surfaces. Just press the wax side to the mounting surface. Slide papers and...(more)

    $4.07 More Details