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A Look at Science and Engineering Indicators in the U.S. - Curriculum Matters - Education Week

The National Science Foundations biennial statistical collection helps put U.S. math and science education efforts into context....

Would Giving STEM Teachers More Leeway to Experiment Keep Them in Schools? - Teaching Now - Education Week Teacher

The national network 100Kin10 has awarded $1 million in grants to five education groups that will work to empower STEM teachers to experiment and fail in the classroom....

How Other Countries Would Fare on the Nation's Report Card - Inside School Research - Education Week

As U.S. educators and policymakers turn more attention to international tests to analyze American students progress, a new report suggests the Nations Report Card should be overhauled to look more like those global tests....

Year-One Presidential Scorecards on K-12 - Education Week

Heres some highlights of President Donald Trumps impact on education in his first year in office—and a look at what his five predecessors did over that time....

I Failed Many Times Along the Path to Teacher Leadership - Teacher-Leader Voices - Education Week Teacher

Even now, when I think about my journey to leadership my eyes tear up because it was not an easy road. I had to face my fears, take rejection, and push myself to do and learn more. I learned to go for my dreams, accept failure and refuse to accept No....

Three Essential Questions to Guide Us in These Times - Learning Deeply - Education Week

Powerful cross-disciplinary questions can enable students to dig deeply into current issues and develop deeper understanding and perhaps solutions, writes Kathleen Cushman....

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