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Raimondo aims to double number of computer science graduates - Education Week


Preventing an Artificial-Intelligence Fueled Dystopia, One Student at a Time - Education Week

Could engaging traditionally underrepresented students in AI development save us from a dystopia Tess Posner makes the case....

The 5 Habits of Extreme Learners - Education Week

As new technology shakes up the workforce, we must empower students to take control of their own learning, writes Milton Chen....

Artificial Intelligence Is Around the Corner. Educators Should Take Note - Education Week

AI could materially improve education—if educators and policymakers start answering some tough questions today, urges Michael Bennett....

We Need to Modernize Education. The Clock Is Ticking - Education Week

Flipping the curriculum and updating the goals of education could prepare us for the artificial-intelligence era, writes Charles Fadel....

U.S. Charter Schools Put Growing Numbers in Racial Isolation - Education Week

Charter schools are among the nations most segregated, an Associated Press analysis finds—an outcome at odds, critics say, with their goal of offering a better alternative to failing traditional public schools....

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