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After Surviving Classroom Shooting, L.A. Teacher Reconsiders What School Safety Means - Education Week

While mass shootings dominate headlines, smaller incidents of gun violence in school can also traumatize students and staff and upend their sense of safety, as one teacher learned firsthand....

Discipline Gaps—and Ways to Close Them—Get Researchers' Attention - Education Week

Studies on school discipline policies that disadvantage some groups of students over others were a recurring theme at last weeks American Educational Research Association meeting. Here is what researchers found....

The Brain Science Is In: Students' Emotional Needs Matter - Education Week

Teachers already know student learning does not occur in a vacuum. New research is backing them up, writes Jim Shelton....

Discipline Disparities Grow for Students of Color, New Federal Data Show - Education Week

The latest civil rights data report finds students of color and those with disabilities are disciplined out of proportion to their numbers in school, and fall short on key educational opportunities....

Students Are Walking Out Again to Protest Gun Violence: Is Anybody Listening? - Education Week

Student activists are using the 19th anniversary of Columbine—the mass school shooting that changed how America viewed school safety—to stage mass walkouts in calls for reducing gun violence....

A Bold Proposal for Taking Mental Health Seriously in Schools - Education Week

Many schools treat students with mental-health issues reactively, rather than proactively, write Catherine A. Hogan & Laura F. Main....

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