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School Districts Too Big or Too Small? N.C. Lawmakers Want to Study the Issue - Education Week

Amid arguments about whether it could lead to racial segregation, the state Senate voted to study whats the appropriate size for school districts and to look at ways to break up and merge school systems.img src=http://feeds.feedbu...

Getting to Equity Through the Unique Gifts of Learners - Learning Deeply - Education Week

Equity means honoring the unique qualities of each student, not expecting all students to do the same things. A network of next generation schools has discovered lessons in applying that principle.img src=http://feeds.feedburner.c...

Building a K-16 Education Pipeline for Global Competence Development - Global Learning - Education Week

How to systematically build K-16 partnerships for global education.img src= height=1 width=1 alt=/...

Career-Tech-Ed Students Can Skip Exit Exams in Pennsylvania - High School & Beyond - Education Week

Pennsylvania has a new law that allows career and technical education students to skip the states high school exit exams.img src= height=1 width=1 alt=/...

Black Caucus Dumps Trump Meeting, Says DeVos Won't Protect Civil Rights - Politics K-12 - Education Week

A letter from the Congressional Black Caucus highlighted proposed Trump administration budget cuts and its decision to nix a school diversity program among the reasons for refusing another meeting with the president.img src=http:/...

Q&A: Teachers' Cues Shape Students' Sense of Belonging - Education Week

Dena Simmons, the director of education at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, says teachers can create environments in which all students can thrive.img src=

Are Confederate-Statue Controversies Teachable Moments? - Education Week

Some teachers are using the debates over the removal of statues of Confederate heroes to bring alive lessons about post-Civil War history.img src= height=1 width=...

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