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Spotlight on Blended Learning - Education Week

While efforts to measure success are ongoing, schools are developing bold blended learning initiatives they hope can stand the test of time. In this Spotlight, discover how a district’s blended learning program is building positive school culture, why personalized learning is coming under scrutiny, and tips educators can use to make blended learning more student-centered....

Virtual Reality for Learning Raises High Hopes and Serious Concerns - Education Week

Technology companies are making a push to integrate virtual reality into K-12, but experts are raising concerns about how it might affect children....

Ed-Tech Company Clever to Help Schools Track Tech Usage—For a Cost - Education Week

After building a huge K-12 footprint with free solutions to address challenges, the company will charge schools to tackle of one of ed tech’s most glaring problems....

Data Security and Privacy - Education Week

Many state and local education agency websites arent disclosing the presence of third-party tracking services, which can use information about users browsing....

Spotlight on Project-Based Learning (2018) - Education Week

Rural schools are tackling unique challenges to provide a quality education to their students. In this Spotlight, see how schools are expanding access to hard-to-staff courses, building up talented teacher workforces, and developing place-based lessons to reach promising students....

Districts Counseled on Protecting Web Access After Loss of Net Neutrality - Education Week

K-12 leaders are trying to prepare for a post-net neutrality world by reviewing their contracts with internet service providers to protect the flow of internet content....

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