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School-Rating Site GreatSchools Expands Its Measuring Stick - Education Week, whose reviews are seen by more than 50 million people, is expanding its ratings indicators to provide a more nuanced statistical portrait of schools....

Personalized-Learning Case Studies: Lessons From 3 Schools - Education Week

These mini-case studies examine three common struggles for personalized-learning schools: training teachers, differentiating instruction, and letting students work at their own pace....

The Case(s) Against Personalized Learning - Education Week

Critics say personalized learning isnt supported by evidence, leads to bad teaching, and depends on data-mining students. What do educators and policymakers need to know...

6 Key Insights: RAND Corp. Researchers Talk Personalized Learning - Education Week

The evidence for personalized learning is still very weak, say leading researchers studying the movement. But there are reasons to be encouraged - and patient....

Schools Take a Page From Silicon Valley With 'Scrum' Approach - Education Week

In Chesterfield County, Va., and other districts, educators are borrowing a project-management approach from the world of software development: Scrum meetings....

FCC Delays, Denials Foil Rural Schools' Broadband Plans - Education Week

Hundreds of state and local efforts to connect rural schools to fiber-optic networks have run into roadblocks over the past two years....

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