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Chan-Zuckerberg to Push Ambitious New Vision for Personalized Learning - Education Week

Through their foundation, Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg and pediatrician Priscilla Chan will invest hundreds of millions of dollars per year in a new, whole-child vision of personalized learning.img src=

Gates, Zuckerberg Teaming Up on Personalized Learning - Education Week

Two of the biggest names in technology and education philanthropy are jointly funding a $12 million initiative to support customized instruction.img src=

Spotlight on Differentiated Instruction - Education Week

In order to meet diverse learning needs, teachers are charged with differentiating instruction to ensure student success. In this Spotlight, learn about the challenges of differentiation, how educators are personalizing instructio...

Will Online Tools Make Texas Instruments' Graphing Calculators Obsolete? - Education Week

Startup company Desmos is taking on Texas Instruments with its free, web-based calculator, which is attracting the attention of teachers and test providers.img src=

Social Studies Relies on Tech Tools That Are Not Tailored to the Subject - Education Week

Educators report there are fewer social-studies-specific digital learning tools than for subjects such as math, which are part of the Common Core State Standards.img src=

Science Learning No Longer Bound by Limits of School Laboratories - Education Week

Online simulations, high-tech equipment, and student-owned digital devices are opening up a world of experimentation for science classes.img src= height=...

Online Classes for K-12 Schools: What You Need to Know - Education Week

Millions of public school students now take classes online. But educators know little about the quality of the courses, who is enrolling in them, or how students are doing.img src=

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