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Technology Counts 2018 - Education Week

This year’s report takes a hard look at what principals are thinking and doing about some of the most vexing technology issues in their schools....

What Principals Really Think About Tech - Education Week

School leaders are worried about technology. But theyre also supporting its expanded use in schools, an exclusive Education Week survey finds....

Tech Pressures Put Principals in Difficult Spot - Education Week

Screen time concerns, social media behavior, personalized learning, and computer science trends are all now important elements of a principal’s job....

On Social Media, Principals Fight Losing Battle to Keep Up With Students - Education Week

School leaders worry about students and social media. But most don’t feel fully prepared to tackle the challenge, a new Education Week Research Center survey found....

Principals Warm Up to Computer Science, Despite Obstacles - Education Week

High school leaders in smaller districts are most enthusiastic about the trend, a new survey by the Education Week Research Center found. But staffing challenges persist....

Ed-Tech Leadership Is a Tough Task for Principals - Education Week

School leaders face pressures about what digital learning approaches to take and what tech products to buy—from the central office, education companies, teachers, parents, and students....

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