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Preventing an Artificial-Intelligence Fueled Dystopia, One Student at a Time - Education Week

Could engaging traditionally underrepresented students in AI development save us from a dystopia Tess Posner makes the case....

We Need to Modernize Education. The Clock Is Ticking - Education Week

Flipping the curriculum and updating the goals of education could prepare us for the artificial-intelligence era, writes Charles Fadel....

Artificial Intelligence Is Around the Corner. Educators Should Take Note - Education Week

AI could materially improve education—if educators and policymakers start answering some tough questions today, urges Michael Bennett....

The 5 Habits of Extreme Learners - Education Week

As new technology shakes up the workforce, we must empower students to take control of their own learning, writes Milton Chen....

Students Must Be Prepared to Reinvent Themselves - Education Week

Getting ready for an unknown future of employment means unlearning what we know about education, writes Christopher Dede....

U.S. Agencies Grapple With Student-Data-Privacy Guidance for Schools - Education Week

The Federal Trade Commission and the Education Department recently held a meeting to discuss fundamental data-privacy questions facing K-12 schools....

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