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Districts Counseled on Protecting Web Access After Loss of Net Neutrality - Education Week

K-12 leaders are trying to prepare for a post-net neutrality world by reviewing their contracts with internet service providers to protect the flow of internet content....

Spotlight on Professional Learning - Education Week

Across the country, educators are working to improve their practice through professional learning. In this Spotlight, discover how schools are helping teachers learn new technologies, how educators are crafting personalized plans for improving instruction, and how to balance autonomy and collaboration to spur meaningful professional development....

A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Takes on the Master Schedule - Education Week

A schoolĺs master schedule can take months to build and can contribute to education inequities. Adam Pisoni wants to change all of that....

Artificial Intelligence: What Educators Need to Know - Education Week

What do educators need to know about the future of artificial intelligence Two AI researchers from the Allen Institute get into it....

Special Report: 10 Big Ideas in Education - Education Week

This special report explores game-changing disruptions to the field of education that have the potential to shake up the schoolhouse and the classroom....

Preventing an Artificial-Intelligence Fueled Dystopia, One Student at a Time - Education Week

Could engaging traditionally underrepresented students in AI development save us from a dystopia Tess Posner makes the case....

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