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Are Confederate-Statue Controversies Teachable Moments? - Education Week

Some teachers are using the debates over the removal of statues of Confederate heroes to bring alive lessons about post-Civil War history.img src= hei...

Too Few ELL Students Land in Gifted Classes - Education Week

ELL students are underenrolled in gifted classes, finds an iEducation Week/i analysis. But some schools are trying to buck the trend.img src= height=1...

Just 20 Percent of K-12 Students Are Learning a Foreign Language - Education Week

In some states, fewer than 10 percent of students are learning languages other than English, painting a grim picture of foreign language education in U.S. public schools.img src=

Character Is Fundamental to Measuring Success - Education Week

img src= height=1 width=1 alt=/...

How to Take a Growth Mindset Approach to Summer Learning - Education Week

Teachers can transform summer school by designing an active learning process that focuses on the whole learner, writes Elizabeth Stein.img src= height...

Spotlight on Differentiated Instruction - Education Week

In order to meet diverse learning needs, teachers are charged with differentiating instruction to ensure student success. In this Spotlight, learn about the challenges of differentiation, how educators are personalizing instructio...

Social Studies Relies on Tech Tools That Are Not Tailored to the Subject - Education Week

Educators report there are fewer social-studies-specific digital learning tools than for subjects such as math, which are part of the Common Core State Standards.img src=

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