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Even When States Revise Standards, the Core of the Common Core Remains - Education Week

The first review of revised academic standards in 24 states finds that, even with the changes, most states are maintaining key features of the Common Core State Standards....

What the Standards-Based Movement Got Wrong - Education Week

Three simple questions could modernize classroom instruction and correct the past mistakes of the standards movement, writes educator Jenny Froehle....

Democrats Decry Plan to Drop Content on Civil Rights Leaders From Exam - Education Week

The New Mexico education department has proposed changes to state history exams that Democratic lawmakers are decrying as an attempt to erase social-justice and civil rights leaders, among other topics, from lessons....

FCC Plans to Weaken 'Net Neutrality' Provisions, Raising Questions for K-12 - Education Week

The Federal Communications Commission has issued a proposal to overturn net neutrality, in a decision that would have potential implications for schools and education technology companies....

Special Education - Education Week

Self-regulated strategy development has the potential to help students with some learning disabilities improve their writing skills, according to a research review by the federal What Works Clearinghouse....

The Evolution of the Networked Educator - Education Week

Thanks to digital and face-to-face networks, teachers have the capacity to be valuable collaborators with one another from potentially anywhere in the world—meaning more ways to share ideas and improve education, writes Paul Barnwell....

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  • Implementation of Robot Systems

    Implementation of Robot Systems
    Based on the author’s wide-ranging experience as a robot user, supplier and consultant, Implementation of Robot Systems will enable you to approach the use of...(more)

    $89.95 More Details
  • Natural Hosts of SIV

    Natural Hosts of SIV
    Natural Hosts of SIV: Implications in AIDS thoroughly reviews the possible mechanisms by which African nonhuman primate natural hosts of lentiviruses remain ess...(more)

    $148.00 More Details
  • Investing in Hedge Funds

    Investing in Hedge Funds
    This book will present a comprehensive view of the risk characteristics, risk-adjusted performances, and risk exposures of various hedge fund indices. It will d...(more)

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