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Facing Our Confederate Past - Education Week

The recent events in Charlottesville, Va., demand that Americans rethink how we teach the Civil War, writes historian Melvin Patrick Ely....

States Adopt STEM Seals for High School Diplomas - Education Week

Colorado is the latest state to create an endorsement in science, technology, engineering, and math for students who succeed in rigorous courses in those fields. Will the new credential carry weight with colleges and employers...

Religious Coercion Has No Place in Public Schools - Education Week


What Students Learn About the Civil War Is Tied to Where They Live - Education Week

The Civil War lessons taught to American students often depend on where the classroom is, with schools presenting accounts of the conflict that vary from state to state and even district to district....

When We Talk About Race, Let's Be Honest - Education Week

Educators may feel apprehensive about addressing white supremacy, but that doesn’t mean they can stay silent, writes professor Tyrone C. Howard....

Balancing Teacher Autonomy and Collaboration - Education Week

When teachers find the right balance between honing their own expertise and working with others, they have the power to excite students about learning, writes educator Nicole Smith....

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