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Scrapbooking has the a great selection of school Supplies from some of the top stores on the Internet! School Supplies, Painting, Brushes, Drawing, Ceramics, Canvas, Paper/Board, Books/Media, Kids, Adhesives, Scrapbooking, and much more!

This Banned Book Week, Teaching Banned Books Isn't Enough - Education Week

On controversial topics, teachers should focus on not just what they teach, but how they teach it, writes Jonna Perrillo....

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When students are given creative freedom in the classroom, they have the opportunity to tackle problems connected to their interests, says Matt Presser....

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The Nebraska board of education has approved new science standards that will include teaching about climate change for the first time....

Most of the U.S. Still Uses Common Core, Despite Blowback - Education Week

Most of the states that first endorsed the common-core academic standards are still using them in some form, despite continued debate over whether they are improving student performance in reading and math....

Coding, Robotics, Makerspaces Poised to Grow in Schools, Report Says - Education Week

Researchers consulted 61 education and technology experts to forecast the five-year impact of emerging technologies in K-12 schools....

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The rise of automation endangers future job prospects—and makes the work of educators that much harder, writes one teacher....